June 4, 2017

Smart Archive

Smart Archive

The more your business grow, the more you need a solution for managing all your documents, faxes, emails and digital documents in a safe and manageable location. The numbers of these documents dramatically increase to exceed millions, which requires great effort, time and money to manage this data which has certain structure and relations with other documents.

IBM offers content and data management solutions to help you in collecting all the data flowing in your organization and to have structured data with easy reach across the enterprise efficiently and safely.

IBM takes it to the next level using IBM InfoSphere Information Server, while your organization collects its data and getting data rich day after day, InfoSphere Information Server can deliver trusted information in a timely useful manner and integrates and aligns disparate data to drive innovation, increase operational efficiency, and lower riskBy helping you understand and analyze information by cleansing data for quality and consistency plus transforming it for new uses and delivering it where, when and how you need it.

IBM Information Server supports integration of all data types and multiple architectures. Along with an accurate, unified view of your data, it provides a solid basis for expediting transactions, streamlining operations, supporting customers and partners, and making smarter decisions.

We provide our customers with an Information Management solution based on IBM products/Solutions:
1.        IBM Enterprise Content Manager.
2.        IBM Document Manager
3.        IBM CommonStore
4.        IBM DB2
5.        IBM InfoSphere Information Server
6.        IBM InfoSphere Data Architect
7.        IBM InfoSphere QualityStage
8.        IBM FileNet Content Manager
9.        IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
10.        IBM FileNet Capture Professional
11.        Industry Solutions