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Enterprise Asset Management

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the process of managing and controlling the assets and equipment within an organization with the aim of getting the most out of them throughout their lifetime by increasing asset utilization, reducing operational downtime periods and reducing asset total cost of ownership.

With an EAM system, an organization can fully manage all of its assets from one place, saving both time and money. EAM systems provides a wide range of features that helps better maintain and control assets including:

Performance & Work Management

Maintenance Planning

Predictive Maintenance

Supply Chain Management

Advanced Analytics

Mobile EAM

Alongside many other features and capabilities that aids in increasing both the effectiveness and efficiency of asset utilization and reducing operational costs. Using an enterprise asset management system is a vital step for any organization with a considerable amount of assets to head towards much smoother and less costly asset utilization and operations. Smart System LLC is proudly recognized as the best IBM partner for IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) in Egypt.

Business Intelligence & Dashboarding

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Business intelligence is a vital function for any organization to ensure its continuous growth and development. Through the collection and analysis of data existing throughout the whole organization, better and more informed key decisions can be taken and smoother operations can be undertook.

A wide range of features in the Business Intelligence solutions will aid an organization in improving their internal and external business processes across all parts of the organization, features include, but are not limited to:

Data Collection

Data Analysis

Reporting & Dashboarding

Relationship Analysis

Real-Time Event Notifications

Anomalies Detection

Health, Safety & Environment

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Health, Safety and environment is the collection of processes and tools that aims to address a range of issues including risk and hazard control, occupational health and safety and their compliance to set regulations, environmental protection and a range of other issues.

One of the main aims of HSE in to reduce the adverse effects that may result from normal day-to-day operations, this includes reducing carbon footprint and effects that may adversely affect the environment. It also aims to prevent incidents and accidents that may arise from abnormal operating conditions, through analyzing the levels of risk existent throughout all operations and addressing the possibility of hazards such as fire and explosions.