Network & Security

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Network Management

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Network Management is the process of managing and controlling network protocols, traffic and devices such as network switches and routers that exist within a network. Network management solutions provide tools and features allowing you to manage all components within a network more conveniently with higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Network Switches & Routers

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Network switches are the components in a network infrastructure responsible for directing traffic between devices such as computers, servers and routers within a local-area network (LAN). At a switch, data packets are forwarded from the sending device to the receiving device, while preventing each device’s traffic from interfering with other devices’ traffic. When it comes to sending packets to distant destinations, a switch forwards traffic to a router, which then forwards them to their destinations on the network. Routers are the components in a network infrastructure responsible for forwarding traffic and data packets between different networks within or out of an organization. Routers provide a high level of security to secure networks and data traffic, and sometimes provide advanced features such as automation and other intelligent features.

Wireless Solutions

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Wireless solutions includes a range of products that helps create, manage and control wireless networks within an organization including in and outdoor access points, outdoor access points, wireless controllers and network controllers.

Load Balancing

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Load balancing is the networking process of distributing traffic and work loads across the multiple servers and computing nodes with the aim of increasing efficiency and server availability and avoiding server overload and uneven distribution of loads.

Load balancing is a vital process to ensure smooth flow in networks of different sizes and increase application availability while also maintaining network security and preventing cyber-attacks. Load balancing also provides an organization with real-time analytics and insights showing metrics such as response time and traffic surges and helping in defining and analyzing any app performance issues.

Firewall Security

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Firewalls are network security systems that monitor and controls incoming and outgoing traffic within a network, allowing or blocking traffic in accordance to set security rules. Firewalls, being either hardware or software, are indispensable for securing networks and traffic within any organization.

Endpoint Security

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Endpoint Security is the practice of securing end-user devices, such as desktops and mobile devices that represent the endpoints of a network, from any cyber- attacks or malicious acts and exploitation. Endpoint Security is perceived as the front line of defense against cyber-attacks and has evolved from traditional anti-viruses to providing full security and protection from a growing number of malware and malicious threats.