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VMware is a pioneer in the cloud-computing and virtualization technology around the world. With game-changing solutions, ranging from Server Virtualization to End-User Computing Solutions, VMware enables enterprises to optimize their IT infrastructure and networks.

Smart System is a VMware Advanced Business Partner and is one of the most experienced VMware partners in Egypt, helping many organizations achieve higher levels of efficiency and asset utilization rates through leveraging proven methodologies and best practices. Throughout the years, Smart System has been recognized on numerous occasions and awarded for its outstanding work in VMware projects, these awards included:

VMware Partner of the Year (NSX) 2017

VMware Partner of the Year (NSX) 2018

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IBM is one of the oldest and most renowned technology companies in the world. IBM provides a large variety of software and hardware solutions within a range of fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Business Analytics among many other.

Smart System is a IBM Gold Business Partner with a long history of success with various IBM solutions enabling its clients to achieve the best possible return on investment in their organizations. Smart System has accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge through numerous successful projects of different sizes using its team of experts, which has earned it many recognitions including being one of the focused and managed partners on IBM Maximo since 2019.

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Cisco is known worldwide for providing ones of the best networking and collaboration solutions that enables enterprises of all sizes to develop an advanced IT infrastructure that would support and boost business activities and operations.

Smart System is a Cisco Premier Business Partner with a long list of success stories and satisfied clients that have used Cisco solutions and Smart System services and expertise to build optimized infrastructure with increased productivity throughout the organization. Smart System has proved its expertise and leadership many times throughout the years including being the first company to sell Cisco Hyperflex in Africa.

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Dell is one of the market-leading technology companies around the world with a range of outstanding products and solutions ranging from personal computers and network servers to data storage and security solutions.

Smart System is a Dell Certified Business Partner which has a long history of providing the advanced Dell products and solutions needed by companies and enterprises of various sizes to build, manage and protect their IT infrastructure and networks with high flexibility.

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Symantec provides a powerful set of advanced security solutions, including endpoint security and web security, that allows organization to secure their endpoints and devices and protect them from the growing number of threats that arise.

Smart System is a Symantec Certified Business Partner providing the security solutions that any organization would require to protect its devices and networks from various types of threats and breaches that they may be vulnerable to in this digital era.

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F5 provides a range of advanced solutions including application delivery networking and security solutions. F5 are known for its powerful load balancing products that helps organizations boost the efficiency of their networks and enhance performance.

Smart System is a F5 Certified Business Partner that provides F5 solutions that help organizations better utilize their infrastructure and networks, and reach their full potential.

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Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a globally renowned cybersecurity company that provides state of art security solutions ranging from next-gen firewalls and network security to endpoint security and cloud security.

Smart System is a Palo Alto Certified Business Partner with proven success in providing and implementing Palo Alto’s next generation firewalls and security solutions. Smart System’s expertise enables organizations to fully proof and secure its networks, clouds and devices all the time.

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Fortinet is one of the leading companies providing security and networking solutions. Fortinet products ranging from firewalls and intrusion prevention to application control and WLAN control provide organizations with all necessary tools to protect their Information and networks.

Smart System is a Fortinet Certified Business Partner providing all Fortinet advanced solutions including physical or virtual appliances, and helping organizations implement all needed solutions to protect and control their networks and infrastructure.

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Sophos is a cybersecurity company providing a range of security solutions that helps organizations protect their valuable information and networks and prevent all types of threats or attacks that may occur.

Smart System is a Sophos Certified Business Partner that helps companies solidly secure their networks and maintain a high level of security hygiene and control using the range of Sophos security solutions.

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Kaspersky is known for its powerful anti-virus security solutions that effectively protect PCs and devices from various kinds of possible threats that may lead to data breaches, ransomware attacks and other types of attacks.

Smart System is a Kaspersky Certified Business Partner that provides organizations with the latest and most advanced endpoint security solution and anti-viruses, protecting them from viruses, spyware, worms, trojans and more.

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Veeam is on of the market-leading companies providing backup, disaster recovery and modern data protection software for virtual, physical and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Smart System is a Veeam Certified Business Partner that enables organizations to eliminate the threat of data loss and disasters, protect data and ensure availability for an Always-On enterprise using Veeam solutions.

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Veritas provides a set of advanced backup and recovery solutions that helps organization backup and secure their data and ensure its availability throughout time.

Smart System is a Veritas Certified Business Partner providing the range of Veritas solutions that help increase data and applications availability, ensuring business continuity, smooth business operations and increased information governance.

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Commvault is a global leader in data management solutions. Commvault’s advanced backup and recovery solutions are designed to ensure the security and availability of data for organizations worldwide.

As a certified Commvault Business Partner, we offer a range of solutions tailored to increase data and applications availability, ensuring business continuity, and enhancing information governance. Through our partnership, we deliver comprehensive data management solutions that empower organizations to navigate modern data environments confidently.

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NetApp is globally known for powerful data storage and control solutions, with products both physically and on-cloud helping all types of organizations store and govern their data.

Smart System is a NetApp Certified Business Partner which provides all data storage and data management solutions needed by an organization to efficiently store, secure and manage their data, increasing business agility.

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