About the Company

Established in 2007, Smart System is one of the most prominent information technology companies operating in the MENA region and Africa. We provide a comprehensive set of the most advanced IT solutions in the world that would allow our customers to innovate without limits, boost their efficiency and go to a whole new level.

Smart System is based in Egypt and has served customers all across the MENA region and Africa with utmost success, creating inspiring success stories and establishing leadership in the IT field. During our 15+ years of experience, we were able to provide our customers with the high quality services, products and knowledge they needed to expand smoothly and become market leaders in their industries. Smart System has the most qualified and talented personnel in the field, with an aggregate of over 25 years in staff experience, enabling us to provide a variety of top-level IT solutions including:

We have proudly served more than 160+ customers including market leaders and some of the most reputable enterprises and organizations in the region. Together with our customers, we always seek to cultivate growth and maintain leadership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations that want to reach new levels, unlock their full potential and take a vital step towards success through offering our state-of-the-art, customer-focused & cost-effective IT solutions.

Our Vision

We envision reaching the success we seek by building it with inspiring success stories we help our customers achieve using our tailored IT solutions, which would make us the trusted partner in performance in the IT field in the MENA region and Africa.

A Message from our Chairman

At Smart System we strive to become more customer-focused, and we know that the main pillar of our success is always putting our customer first. Through our customized and tailored solutions, we work to enable our customers unleash the fullest of their capabilities and reach new levels of success. Given that our success is built solely on the success of our customers, we always work to become our customers’ trusted partner in performance.

Our Values

  •  Integrity: Piety and Integrity are the foundation for everything that we do at Smart System. Our quest for competitive excellence begins and ends with our unwavering adherence to ethical decision-making and business practices. Piety, Honest and ethical behavior is not only the best policy; it is Smart System’s only policy.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Smart System is attentive to the needs and expectations of its customers. Providing our customers valuable, high quality products and services is essential to our success. We must never stop or compromise in our quest to satisfy and exceed our customer’s expectations, within the bounds of our Core Values and Principles.
  • Valued Employees: Smart System believes in the loyalty, integrity, motivation, skills, accountability and sense of initiative of its employees. Together, they create a valued community with a quality work environment that fosters fairness, empowerment, innovation, fulfillment, teamwork, respect and recognition.
  • Innovation: Our innovative culture directs the company to think of ways to forecast the customer needs, identify these needs as opportunities and then work on translating them into beneficial services.
  • Corporate Citizenship: We must consider how our actions affect the credibility of the corporation as a whole and adhere not just to the letter but the spirit of standards, laws and regulations governing the conduct of our business.