Message of the chairman

Welcome to Smart System. Smart System is a privately held, professional IT services company operating in the Middle East and North Africa. Smart System operating model is a Solution Driven , customer relationships and front-end consulting (e.g., business case, requirements, architectures) onsite with our clients and perform the detail design, development, integration, testing and quality assurance offshore at our world class development and support center in Egypt.
In short, we are ready to face an exciting future, which we want to build along with our clients and partners, growing with them and, why not? Enjoy these exhilarating times. As founder and Chairman of Smart System, I want to assure you that we will do everything in our power to conduct ourselves in a professional manner and be highly competitive and diligent in providing outstanding service to you in a timely, cost effective and quality manner. We stand behind our contractual commitments to our clients and we will work diligently to earn your trust and respect and deliver business and IT results with excellence.


About the company

The story of Smart System is a story of constant challenges, teamwork and the dream of success, initiated in 2007, based on the Mediterranean shore of Alexandria [EGYPT], with a branch in Cairo. Smart System has successfully prospered in the ever-changing and challenging fields of information technology professional services providing a high level of integration with IT service management, enterprise asset management, cloud computing, virtualization and storage infrastructure solutions, Security Solution and much more of IT Solutions.

Since the very beginning, Smart System solid growth has been based on a successful expansion policy, the dedication to the highest quality customer services and its commitment to continuous technical innovation and development.

Smart System brings together a comprehensive set of market leading solutions – with the full support and value of Smart System knowledge, services and Training to deliver a complete project solution for our customers.

Although every project is unique, Smart System use best-of-bread concept to provide a structure for analysis and design of the right products for each customer – demonstrating how key solutions engage together, regardless of project objectives or complexity.


Our mission

“We provide full integrated solutions architecture as well as crucial missing blocks from best of the breed in every component to satisfy our customers’ needs”


“To be one of the top 10 innovative IT system architects and integrators in the Middle East ”.


  •  Integrity: Piety and Integrity are the foundation for everything that we do at Smart System. Our quest for competitive excellence begins and ends with our unwavering adherence to ethical decision-making and business practices. Piety, Honest and ethical behavior is not only the best policy; it is Smart System’s only policy.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Smart System is attentive to the needs and expectations of its customers. Providing our customers valuable, high quality products and services is essential to our success. We must never stop or compromise in our quest to satisfy and exceed our customer’s expectations, within the bounds of our Core Values and Principles.
  • Valued Employees: Smart System believes in the loyalty, integrity, motivation, skills, accountability and sense of initiative of its employees. Together, they create a valued community with a quality work environment that fosters fairness, empowerment, innovation, fulfillment, teamwork, respect and recognition.
  • Innovation: Our innovative culture directs the company to think of ways to forecast the customer needs, identify these needs as opportunities and then work on translating them into beneficial services.
  • Corporate Citizenship: We must consider how our actions affect the credibility of the corporation as a whole and adhere not just to the letter but the spirit of standards, laws and regulations governing the conduct of our business.