Revolutionizing Egypt’s Water & Wastewater Management with Smart System and IBM Maximo

Project Overview

In the ambitious pursuit of modernizing and unifying Egypt’s water and wastewater sector, Smart System LLC, a leading system integrator and IBM Business Partner in Egypt undertook and executed a groundbreaking project. The mega project, named the “Integrated Asset Maintenance and Management System” (IAMMS), aimed to address the fragmented data systems, lack of visibility, and siloed functions hindering the efficiency of Egypt’s water sector.

Client Background

The client, a government-owned entity encompassing five water companies (Minya, Assiut, Sohag, Qena, Luxor) and the Holding Company for Water & Wastewater in Egypt (HCWW), sought a technological transformation. Fragmentation of data across disparate systems, limited integration, and the absence of centralized visibility prompted the need for a comprehensive solution.

Some Egyptian Water Companies & HCWW Logos


Fragmented data spread across disparate systems

Limited integration leading to data redundancy

Difficulty of centralized visibility for the Holding Company

Siloed functions in asset rehabilitation and maintenance planning


To tackle these challenges, Smart System implemented:

1-IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management v7.6

2-Maximo Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Add-on

3-IBM Cognos Analytics

This comprehensive solution aimed to provide a seamless, integrated, and centralized platform for asset management and maintenance.

Project Statement

The Design and Installation of an Automated Integrated Asset Maintenance and Management System within Egypt’s Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) and the Water and Wastewater Companies (WWCs) under the “Integrated Water Solutions Support Technical Assistance (IWSSTA)” Project.

Project Phases


Project Initiation


System Analysis & Design


Configuration & Integration


Testing & Acceptance


End-User Training


Go-Live & Support

Strategic Implementation & Deployment

1. System Configuration and Integration:

IBM Maximo EAM v7.6 and Maximo HSE were strategically configured and integrated to meet the unique needs of Egypt’s water industry.

2. Data Migration:

Over 850,000 asset details and 158,843 technical specifications were migrated seamlessly, marking a significant leap in data accuracy and accessibility.

3. Reports, KPIs, and Analytics:

The implementation included robust reporting capabilities, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and advanced analytics, providing stakeholders with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

4.Unified Workflow:

IAMMS introduced a unified workflow across all water companies, ensuring standardized processes, streamlined communication, and efficient collaboration among different sectors, leading to enhanced operational synergy.

5. Testing and Launch:

Rigorous testing involving simulation of asset management activities led to a flawless launch, with the final (production) version deployed on designated servers.

Key Achievements and Business Impact

1. Single Source of Asset Data:

IAMMS successfully consolidated and streamlined asset-related data, providing a single source of truth for more than 105,000 assets across the participating companies.

2. Comprehensive Asset and Maintenance Planning:

With over 112,706 job plans executed, the project covered asset rehabilitation and maintenance planning functions comprehensively.

3. Direct HCWW Data Visibility:

IAMMS ensured visibility for the Holding Company, empowering strategic decision-making based on real-time data from the Water & Sanitation Companies (WSC).

4. Seamless Data Integration:

Over 3.5 million records were migrated seamlessly from existing systems, establishing robust integration with material management, financial systems, and HR.

5. Coverage of All Asset Types:

IAMMS successfully managed data for diverse asset types, including plant/facility assets and pipe assets.

Training and Human Resource Enablement

1. Core Team Training:

Empowering the core team with in-depth knowledge and skills.

2. Practical Workshops and Webinars:

Ensuring practical insights and real-world applicability.

3. End-User Training Courses:

Tailored courses for different roles, including administrators, maintenance, and operations sectors.


The IAMMS project aimed to establish a centralized, unified, and seamlessly integrated platform using IBM Maximo, addressing data challenges and fostering holistic asset management practices. Smart System’s execution of the IAMMS project showcases a landmark achievement in Egypt’s asset management in the utilities sector. Beyond addressing immediate challenges, this success story serves as a beacon for prospective clients, highlighting Smart System’s expertise in executing transformative projects and IBM’s cutting-edge solutions. As Egypt strides towards its 2030 vision, IAMMS stands as a testament to the power of strategic technology integration in achieving sustainability and operational excellence.