IBM Cognos Analytics

Cognos is a business intelligence performance management tool from IBM that allows technical and non technical employees in an organization to analyze, extract and create interactive dashboards that helps in taking data-driven key decisions. IBM Cognos combines a multitude of products which enables communication with different third parties such as SAPs, relational databases and many more. Data is refined into useful business information through informative reports and functional visuals, a key decision maker is able to effectively take informed decisions using the data visualization features within Cognos, to produce visuals including graphs and charts helping review and tackle targeted business issues. Its highly interactive nature makes it a great tool to create user-friendly dashboards and reports for any type of organization.

With its wide range of capabilities, Cognos effectively preforms a range of tasks such as data mining, data analysis, event monitoring, and metric selection for visualization. To help businesses stay ahead in their markets, it provides a powerful analytics medium enabling them to predict market trends and take informed decisions beforehand.

Cognos includes many components and modules that help facilitate the decision making process within an organization, some of the basic components are:

  • The Query Studio – used to write simple queries and answer business questions through service reports.
  • The Cognos Connection – used to ensure that the suite consists of all functions needed.
  • The Event Studio – used to provide notifications on real time events.
  • The Analysis Studio – consisting of the OLAP operations, helps in analyzing trends, events and detect anomalies.

Cognos is a tool which needs little technical prerequisites to utilize, only proper data intuition and understanding is needed to use Cognos, and produce better business decisions. The software and tools are relatively easy to learn and would boost the professional capabilities of a company’s personnel, allowing them to help their organization reach new levels of success.

Cognos is considered as one of the leading products in the business intelligence field. It has many points and features setting it apart from other products, its unique points include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; it uses AI to effectively detect and track relationships between data sets of different types and sizes. It also allows the use of natural language to write queries and requests in English, or any supported language, to obtain results and desired information.
  2. Full Control; every button and feature is managed by a friendly user interface that results in smoother operations, no coding, and no editing in source-or-DDL files with JSON/XML.
  3. Linux Compatible; Linux operating system is widely used in many enterprises, and often represents a large part of an enterprise’s system architecture; IBM Cognos is compatible with Linux and its installation, updates and patches is highly scriptable with a range of command lines.