Predictive Maintenance In IBM Maximo

Predictive maintenance software uses data science and predictive analytics to predict the state of equipment, and to estimate when they might malfunction. Consequently, corrective maintenance can be scheduled before the point of failure and convenient timeslots for maintenance are made, keeping maintenance cost-efficient and ensuring the optimization and extension of equipment’s lifespan to capacity.

Predictive maintenance is one of many features accessible within Maximo’s application suite (MAS), comprising of two main modules, Maximo Predict and Maximo Health.

Maximo Predict:

Stay ahead of time-scheduled maintenance and utilize condition-based actions to predict the possibilities of future failures by applying machine learning and data analytics. Maximo Predict helps reduce asset failures and their costs through searching for patterns in asset data, operational information, and the environment, and connecting those patterns with known issues to help engineers and maintenance managers predict failures and acquire data and scoring. Key capabilities and features of Maximo Predict include:

  • Includes a range of popular predictive model templates and associated visualization
  • Includes a comprehensive library of analytics APIs to build custom models
  • Scores predictive models using IBM Watson Machine Learning

Benefits of Maximo predict:

  • Reduces unplanned downtime and risks – Predicts asset malfunctions and initiate action to prevent asset breakdowns
  • Reduces maintenance costs – Avoids over-maintaining assets by enabling scheduled maintenance before malfunctions based on early warnings
  • Improves asset utilization – Enables more efficient use of existing assets through the prediction of maintenance issues and reduce malfunctions on site
  • Extends asset life – Identifies usage factors and improves maintenance reliability
  • Increases production output – Makes Industrial manufacturing processes more efficient and dependable to increase output

Maximo Health:

Control the health of your assets through the use of IoT data collected through asset sensors and other sources, such as the weather, asset records and work history to escalate the availability of assets and improve replacement planning. Key capabilities and features of Maximo Health include:

  • Single intuitive dashboard with a fleetwide view and health drill down
  • Sensor data integration
  • Health-based notifications and actions
  • Flexible health scores for assets by type or group

Benefits of Maximo Health:

  • Reduces the cost and frequency of asset failures –Monitors the conditions of assets with registered IoT devices that send sensor data and trigger automated actions that help reduce costly malfunctions
  • Increases asset availability – Surveils conditions, costs, performance, and the remaining time an asset remains useful before it completely deteriorates to reduce asset failures and downtime
  • Optimizes preventive maintenance – Utilizes a combination of asset records and sensor data to take action based on insight into asset health instead of performing unnecessary preventive maintenance
  • Reduces operational risk – Provides a more in-depth view of asset status that helps you focus on precise assets
  • Reduces time to make capital replacement decisions – Makes replacement planning more accurate and efficient with analytics