August 18, 2016

Cloud & Virtualization


Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is the process of creating multiple virtual servers via software, which can each independently run a different operating system, all on one physical server, allowing for increased asset utilization and reduced costs.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization transforms hardware-dependent networks to software-based ones, enabling the consolidation of multiple physical networks, the division of a physical network to many virtual ones and the connection between multiple virtual machines.

End-User Computing

End-User computing solutions allows client devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones to access enterprise application and data anywhere and anytime through accessing virtual desktop infrastructure owned by the enterprise.

Management & Monitoring Solutions

Cloud & Virtualization Management and Monitoring solutions provides an organization with a set of features that allow it to manage its networks, data centers or multi-cloud environment in technologically intelligent ways with features such as automation, and monitor and analyze them to obtain valuable data and insights.

VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud enables an organization to seamlessly connect between their on-premises data center with public or private clouds, allowing it to easily migrate data and virtual machines , activate load balancing between the data enter and the cloud and many other features that leads to a lower total cost of ownership.